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Delta Table Operations

Helps perform the following operations on delta tables.

  1. Register table in catalog
  2. Vaccum table
  3. Optimize table
  4. Restore table
  5. Delete from table
  6. Drop table
  7. FSCK Repair table


Database nameDatabase nameFalse
Table nameTable nameFalse
File pathFile path for delta tableFalse
ActionAction to perform on the tableTrue

At lease one value from table name or file path needs to be provided.


Example usage of Delta Table Operations Gem

Register table in catalog

This will register the data at mentioned file path as a table in catalog.

Vaccum table

Recursively vacuum directories associated with the Delta table. VACUUM removes all files from the table directory that are not managed by Delta, as well as data files that are no longer in the latest state of the transaction log for the table and are older than a retention threshold. The default threshold is 7 days.

To know more about vaccum click here.


Retention hoursRetention thresholdFalse

Optimize table

Optimizes the layout of Delta Lake data. Optionally optimize a subset of data or colocate data by column. If colocation is not specified, bin-packing optimization is performed by default.

To know more about optimize click here.


Where clauseOptimize the subset of rows matching the given partition predicate. Only filters involving partition key attributes are supported.False
ZOrder ByList of columns to perform ZOrder onFalse

Restore table

Restores a Delta table to an earlier state. Restoring to an earlier version number or a timestamp is supported.


Restore viaRestore the table via timestamp or versionFalse
ValueValue to restore onFalse

Delete from table

Delete removes the data from the latest version of the Delta table as per the condition specified below. Please note that delete does not remove it from the physical storage until the older versions are explicitly vacuumed.


Where clauseCondition which needs to be satisfied to delete a rowTrue

Drop table

This will drop the table from catalog and remove the files.

FSCK Repair table

Removes the file entries from the transaction log of a Delta table that can no longer be found in the underlying file system. This can happen when these files have been manually deleted.

To know more about fsck repair click here.